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Sewgrip Eases Burden on Workroom

Owner of a drapery and upholstery business, Gail Romiti has invented Sewgrip, and ergonomic, polyurethane glove that offers its users a tool for hand and machine sewing, improving grip, reducing fatigue, protecting fingers, and saving time. “Late one cold night in my garage, I was freezing and put on a pair of red leather gloves,” Romitu recounts. “Instantly, the gloves improved my ability to push pins through materials and grasp fabric with greater control, but the leather gloves had seams, were bulky, and uncomfortable.”

So Romiti worked tirelessly to develop the prototype that became Sewgrip. Though the glove leaves some fingers bare to work with and feel the fabric, the breathable nylon knit makes it easier to grab pins and other materials. The polyurethane fingertips easily hold tension on fabric and needles and help reduce the fatigue and discomfort associated with repetitive motion by minimizing the excessive grasping motion with its nimble grip. The Sewgrip also cushions fingers from bruising, chafing, and painful fingernail tears.

Source: Window Fashions Design & Education Magazine, June 2007.



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